Venezuela congratulates the Ecuadorian people for repealing the infamous FMI-imposed decree

The People and Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela join in the joy of the brave people of Ecuador, who, after 12 days of struggle and admirable resistance, have succeeded in having the Government of that country repeal the infamous decree 883, which sought to implement the failed and inhumane economic formulas of the International Monetary Fund, whose consequences would fundamentally impact the most vulnerable sectors of the population. The lesson of dignity that the humblest members of Ecuadorian society have given by taking to the streets with laudable determination, in spite of the savage police and military repression to which they were subjected, inevitably recalls the epic resistance of the Venezuelan people, pioneer of these popular battles and victories, when confronting the measures from the IMF, three decades ago.

The Ecuadorian indigenous nationalities, their bases and organizations deserve special recognition for the courage and bravery shown in the streets, together with the social and workers’ movements that demonstrated in an organized manner without rest during the last 12 days. It should be noted that neither the unprecedented repression deployed by the forces of law and order, nor the pain at the death and wounds of fellow demonstrators, nor the more than 2,000 people arrested, nor the generalized disinformation, nor the criminalization of the protests, managed to appease the will of the Ecuadorian popular classes until such unjust economic measures were reversed.

In reaffirming its admiration for the courageous people of Ecuador, by worthy heirs of the noble and just causes of Simon Bolivar, Manuelita Saenz, Antonio Jose de Sucre and Eloy Alfaro, the Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela considers that this people’s victory over the International Monetary Fund must be a definitive milestone so that no more government in our Latin America and the Caribbean will yield to the ruling economic classes and submit to the criminal and unpopular rulings of the anachronistic international financial institutions.

Caracas, October 14th, 2019