Venezuela strongly rejects the imposition of unilateral and illegal coercive measures announced by the US against Minister Arreaza

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela categorically rejects the imposition of illegal and unilateral coercive measures announced today by the government of the United States against the Venezuelan Foreign Minister and a judge of the republic, as part of the failed strategy by Washington, intended to intimidate, defame and persecute high officials of the Venezuelan State. This is a systematic plan that seeks to undermine the Republic institutions, Constitution and Legislation to promote a change of regime favorable to their interests.

With such new measures, Trump’s Administration intends to silence Venezuela’s voice in the world and, at the same time, obstruct the independent, sovereign and legitimate administration of justice in the country.

The inadmissible incorporation of the Venezuelan Foreign Minister in such a vile list of OFAC occurs after his appearance in the United Nations – which had an important impact – to denunciate, by means of figures and concrete examples, the serious effects on human rights by the US criminal blockade against Venezuela.

We also consider inadmissible the incorporation of a Judge of the Republic in said extorting list which is used by the US government to impede the judgment and punishment of pro-coup crimes, sabotage, terrorism and conspiracy against the territorial sovereignty and integrity of the country, in an open confession about the instigation and protection of such events.

As in previous opportunities, such measures shall only strengthen the will of patriot officials who are loyal to their oath of serving to the people and dignity of an entire Nation that is determined to be irrevocably free.

The Bolivarian Government demands once again the immediate cessation of the multiform aggressions, and calls the international community to take urgent actions to ensure respect of the fundamental principles and objectives of the United Nations Charter to stop this imperialist obsessive onslaught against the sovereign people of Venezuela.

Caracas, April 26th, 2019