Venezuela rejects unfounded accusations from Colombia about alleged terrorist attack on its military units

The Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela expresses its outright rejection for the unfounded accusations published on March 27th, 2019 by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Colombia, denouncing an alleged terrorist attack against military units in that country.

In light of the misinterpretation of the facts by the Colombian Government, we consider necessary to inform the following: while Venezuelan military personnel conducted an inspection of a retaining wall in La Gallina – a sector located in El Amparo, which is part of the Paez municipality, Apure State – they were unjustifiably attacked by a unit of the Colombian Navy. Physical and graphic evidence of such aggression was gathered by a multidisciplinary investigation commission in charge of the 92nd Caribbean Brigade attached to the 31st Apure Integral Defense Zone.

The Bolivarian Government of Venezuela strongly denounces and rejects this unacceptable provocation by Colombian authorities, which adds up to the systematic aggression against national institutions, under the humiliating tutelage of Washington.

The Bolivarian Government has no doubt that the biased declarations of Ivan Duque’s government constitute an irresponsible new attempt to create a false flag against Venezuela, with the purpose of justifying potential aggressions to our country by paramilitary personnel trained in Colombian territory for such tasks.

The Bolivarian Government of Venezuela ratifies that the National Bolivarian Armed Forced and the security bodies of the Republic act within the national territory and maintain effective presence in the Venezuelan border areas, in order to fight the disastrous consequences of violence and narco-paramilitarism from Colombia, which are scourges suffered by Venezuela for decades, and which have become a real threat to internal order, stability and national peace.

The Bolivarian Government ratifies to the Colombian people its inalienable compromise to Peace, and urges the Government of Colombia to cease its provocations on the common border and focus on the very serious humanitarian and security crisis suffered by its people in that area.

Caracas, March 29th, 2019