Venezuela rejects U.S. intent to recognize Israel’s sovereignty over Golan Heights

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela categorically rejects the Donald Trump’s government intention of recognizing Israel’s full sovereignty over the Syrian territory of Golan Heights, currently under Israeli military occupation, in violation of UN Security Council resolutions and disregarding the principles enshrined in the United Nations Charter and international law.

As if harm and destruction created over the past decades in the Middle East by the United States governments were not enough; Donald Trump seeks to continue destabilizing the region by assaulting the sovereignty, integrity and security of the Syrian people, whose displacement by Israel has been condemned by the international community.

Through these actions, once again, the U.S. government mocks international law, multilateralism and peace, and attempts to conceal the criminal policy of the State of Israel.

Venezuela reiterates its conviction that the defense of peace and strict adherence to international law should be the only acceptable formula to solve conflicts, and condemns the irresponsible and blatant Trump’s administration attempts of inciting more violence and confrontation.

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela reiterates its support and solidarity with the People and government of the Syrian Arab Republic in its call for an end to the illegal Israeli occupation of the Golan Heights territories.


Caracas, March 25, 2019