Venezuela rejects injurious operations of international law orchestrated by the Government of Mexico

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela has taken cognisance –by public sources– of a peculiar, odd and abnormal procedure started in Mexican territory by initiative of the outgoing government of that brotherly country, whereby serious accusations are made upon a group of businesspersons dedicated to the marketing of food and involved in the legal endeavour of exporting those products to Venezuela in order to complement the supply of food to our People –which has become a powerful people’s protection tool that is subsidized in almost 100% and is also directly delivered at their homes.

In this regard, we deemed necessary to state the following:

We consider this abuse against Mexican businesspersons as one more among many attempts to hamper the strenuous efforts of the Bolivarian Government to defeat the economic warfare against our People – avoiding the brutal economic and financial blockade that imperial centres and their satellite governments have tried to unlawfully impose on our Homeland.

Venezuela warns about the operations contrary to international law, designed for political purposes by the Lima Cartel, and executed –in this case– by the Government of Enrique Peña Nieto, who, during his last days as president of that brotherly country, was instructed to continue performing his campaign of unilateral, arbitrary and illegal actions against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, even daring to put pressure on Mexican companies unreasonably, thus attempting to substantiate –through this absurd procedure– the  hoax of an alleged humanitarian crisis and keep trying to create a dossier of infamies against our democracy and our Homeland.

The presence of a senior official of the Mexican Foreign Affairs Ministry in a minor and summary proceeding –without criminal significance– for the solely purpose to associate the name of Venezuela to alleged crimes perpetrated in Mexico, evidences the ignominy of some governments derived from their obsessive anti-Venezuelan campaign.

Venezuela rejects all kind of actions, which directly or indirectly aim at justifying the increase of the unilateral and coercive measures against our economy and causing chaos in our country by denying the Venezuelan population the access to food, medicines and staple goods.

The Bolivarian Government of Venezuela, by overcoming the harsh actions of the economic warfare, financial blockade and direct aggression of the imperial centres of power, achieves to meet the needs of our population and maintains its social programs that directly benefit the large majorities of our population, even though unilateral actions against Venezuela cause delays and financial operations become costlier because our Republic is charged with additional expenses, mainly for concept of intermediation.

Just as Venezuela is making progresses in the recovery and stabilization of its economy, neither propaganda operations nor diplomatic aggressions will prevent the solidarity social programs implemented to benefit the Venezuelan People, who is victim of the criminal economic blockade led by the U.S. and shamefully supported by the satellite governments from Lima Group.

Caracas, October 19th, 2018


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