Venezuela rejects disrespectful communication from Colombia against Constitutional President Nicolás Maduro Moros

The Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela emphatically rejects the press release of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Colombia, dated October 5th, 2018, accusing President Nicolas Maduro of attacking Colombia and its authorities. 

In this regard, we must remember that even before the beginning of the electoral campaign, the current President of Colombia has systematically used a hostile, coarse, belligerent and challenging language against President Nicolas Maduro, with the use of offenses and insults against his Excellency, the Venezuelan president and against the people´s will.

It is laughable that the presidency of Colombia is offended, when it is publicly known that Mr. Duque has placed Colombian institutions at the service of dark and unspeakable interests against the Government of Venezuela, endorsing and supporting all sorts of actions and conspiracies, including the protection of the based-Colombia masterminds and perpetrators of the attempted murder against President Nicolas Maduro,.

As it is the custom of recent Colombia governments, which are experts in the fabrication of false flags, once again it intends to dilute and evade its international responsibilities by labeling Venezuela as an aggressor, when reality shows that the Venezuelan people have been the first victims of the overflow of violence and vices generated by the Colombian internal conflict, as well as the uncontrolled expansion of the Colombian drug industry. Venezuela has also been subject to devious attacks against its currency and its economy, due to decisions consciously and intentionally taken by the authorities of the neighboring country.

These are much more than references through the diplomacy of the microphones that Venezuela receives; these are dangerous actions that, under the protection of the US government, the Colombian institutions have been developing against the stability of Venezuela and against regional peace.

As it is the government’s duty with history and consistent with the Bolivarian Diplomacy of peace, the Venezuelan Bolivarian Government again urges the government of Colombia to exercise a frank, direct and dignified diplomacy, without intermediaries or the aegis of a third party, to discuss bilateral issues of high strategic interest for peaceful coexistence. Until now, the Colombian government has only expressed the unusual refusal to establish a minimum channel of communication between both States.

Caracas, October 7th, 2018

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