Venezuela rejects absurd declarations of some governments on decision of the ANC in Juan Guaidó case

The Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela condemns the absurd and misinformed declarations by some Governments that have questioned the legitimate decision adopted yesterday by the sovereign National Constituent Assembly of Venezuela, regarding the case of Juan Guaido Marquez, Member of the Venezuelan Parliament.

Such decision, fully adherent to the Law, results from the process initiated last January 29th, when the Supreme Court of Justice opened an inquiry on that citizen for presumably having committed several crimes related to the violent actions occurred since January 22nd.

Measures adopted regarding Citizen Juan Guaido were systematically violated by him, in open and challenging contempt of the country’s highest court; therefore, in a ruling dated April 1st, it ratified the precautionary measures and agreed to request continuous trial system through the withdrawal of his parliamentary immunity.

In this case, the National Constituent Assembly has responded favorably to the request of the highest Court of the Republic in order to continue the investigation process against the above mentioned citizen.

It is absolutely despicable that high spokespersons of some governments and international organizations continue shamefully meddling in the internal affairs of Venezuela, such as the application of our domestic legislation, openly violating Public International Law and disrespecting the democratic institutions of Venezuela and the Venezuelan people.

The Bolivarian Government of Venezuela strongly demands to those who insist on practicing such useless, outdated and ineffective interventionism in the affairs of Venezuela, to cease their hostile attitude and join the majority of the nations of the world who respect the Venezuelan democratic institutions and promote a dialogue to settle a political solution among Venezuelans.

                                                                                              Caracas, April 3rd, 2019