Venezuela regrets biased pronouncement of the pro-tempore CARICOM Presidency over Guyana’s incursion

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela is aware of the issue of a communiqué by the pro tempore Presidency of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) last December 24th, 2018. In this regard, the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela strongly believes that the assumptions that motivate the declaration of the CARICOM pro tempore Presidency are absolutely inaccurate. It is the result of knowing the version of one of the parties on the events.

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela regrets that although there is an excellent political-diplomatic relationship and a fluent communication with CARICOM, its pro tempore Presidency has not established contact with the Venezuelan authorities to know the other party’s position on the issue, thus ensuring the greatest possible balance before giving an opinion as the one exposed.

On this basis, what reality reveals has been the incursion, never noticed before, of some vessels not authorized to enter the waters of the exclusive jurisdiction of Venezuela, within the natural projection of its Delta Amacuro, where they intended to carry out hydrocarbon exploration activities facilitated by Guyana.

This event was detected by Venezuela on December 22th, 2018 when the Venezuelan Navy was patrolling the Atlantic façade of the natural projection of its Delta Amacuro, as it has performed this peaceful practice for decades. The commander of the Venezuelan naval unit, with no intention of performing an interception or collision, informed such vessels that they were in waters under Venezuelan jurisdiction where they were not authorized to carry out exploration activities; this is the reason why they proceeded to withdraw.
In spite of the prudence applied by Venezuela, this event is very worrying because it constitutes an incursion without precedent into Venezuelan territorial and maritime spaces, being an unfortunate consequence of the Guyana pretension to unilaterally dispose of jurisdictional waters of other States.

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela will continue to exercise and strongly defend its sovereign rights, and in the face of an unprecedented event like this one, it will do it based on an untrammeled position and the full respect for International Law. Similarly, it hopes that CARICOM will have a more balanced position, as it has been throughout time, especially according to the truth and in honor of the principles of Public International Law to which we are all bound.

Caracas, December 27th, 2018