Venezuela denounces Trump’s propaganda campaign to overthrow the Bolivarian Government

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela denounces before the world that the government of the United States, along with a subordinate group of countries, heads a fierce campaign to overthrow the Government of Venezuela and Constitutional President Nicolas Maduro Moros, in open violation of the most basic principles of Public International Law.

On past February 23rd, Trump’s administration tried to unlawfully and forcefully enters in Venezuelan territory some cargo of a so-called aid without the Venezuela’s authorities consent, in the guise of an unprecedented propaganda action, with the objective of generating chaos and violence, by attempting to violate the territorial integrity of our country.

The intended false flag operation foiled in the last weekend -recorded by several media and rejected by United Nations and International Red Cross- was aimed at facilitating a foreign military intervention from neighbouring countries, as part of the coup d’état against the legitimate authorities of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela publicly instigated by the U.S. government.

Once more, the U.S. regime disastrously failed in its efforts for activating an interventionist military plan, despite the continued attacks undertaken from Colombian territory against the Venezuelan security officers who stoically and prudently safeguarded and protected our national sovereignty. In this sense, Venezuela denounces that the aggressors counted on the support and protection of the authorities of the Republic of Colombia.

Today, United States Vice-president, as the acknowledged boss of the group of countries cartelized against Venezuela, announced the intended adoption of new unilateral coercive measures against elected Governors of the country, and he also tried to instruct other countries to join the gross Republic’s assets plundering already implemented by Washington, which includes PDVSA properties valued at 30 billion dollars.

Venezuela, calls upon international community to close ranks in defense of the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations since their violation jeopardizes international peace and security. The defense of multilateralism and international law we make today shall be the guarantee of future peace.

200 years ago, the people of Venezuela defeated the then most powerful empire and it will defeat any current imperialist intention. Venezuela is irrevocably free and independent and demands respect for its sovereignty, self-determination and integrity.

Caracas, February 25th, 2019