Venezuela denounces illegal unilateral coercive measures against the Central Bank of Venezuela by the government of Donald Trump

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela denounces to the international community another aggression against the Venezuelan people by Donald Trumps’ Government, through the arbitrary, illegal, unilateral and coercive measures applied against the Central Bank of Venezuela (CBV), which affect Venezuelans’ security and wellbeing.  

The CBV, as other national central banks in the world, has the task of providing with the main financial services of the Republic, centralizing and managing the international monetary reserves, formulating and implementing the country’s monetary policy; therefore, it plays a fundamental role for the purchase of medicines, food and other essential goods intended for the Venezuelan people’s consumption, without exception. In recent months, the CBV has been playing a major role for the economy stabilization in the face of the constant siege by the US government. The intention is clear: to get this tool of the Venezuelan people out, by impeding operations and relation with US and global financial service providers.

Such new inhuman attack is directly aimed at the whole Venezuelan people, by infringing upon its peace and stability. The United States do not pursuit democracy in Venezuela. Instead, the US infringes upon it, for it to collapse to undertake a recolonisation.

Venezuela rejects such measures and reiterates that we shall not bow down to any aggression, destabilization project or attempt to plunder the resources of the Venezuelan people. In this sense, the Institutions of the Venezuelan State shall face, with strict respect for International Law, these new arbitrarily sanctions and shall guarantee the full functioning of its economy. The outdated elite ruling the US is quite wrong to think that they can gain in Venezuela the victory courageously taken by the dignified people of Cuba in Playa Giron in 1961. Venezuela is the cradle of the American freedom and shall be free forever.


Caracas, April 17th, 2019