Venezuela denounces the criminal impact generated by US sanctions against PDVSA

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela denounces before the International Community the criminal impact of the sanctions imposed on State oil company Petróleos de Venezuela, S.A., PDVSA, which impede the fulfillment of that company’s humanitarian aid programs intended for heath cases of special difficulty of the Venezuelan People.

As part of its good practices regarding social responsibility and compromise with de integral development of the country, PDVSA has executed different social programs in order to meet the needs of its workers and the Venezuelan people, putting special emphasis in the implementation of agreements on health.

Currently, health agreements executed by PDVSA benefit hundred of patients under medical treatment in health care centers abroad and more than 500 thousand patients in the country, addressing chronic diseases – which include HIV, cancer, Parkinson syndrome, epilepsy – and financing surgeries and treatments related to pancreas, liver and bone-marrow transplant.

Due to the recent measures taken to deepen the illegal blockade against PDVSA, Venezuelan patients, who traveled to different countries to receive medical treatment, are in a situation of extreme vulnerability. In this moment, 25 patients – most of them children – are being assisted in the Republic of Italy. They wait for a bone-marrow transplant, but their recovery is in serious danger, as a consequence of the illegal blockade of the funds intended to pay treatment, medical assistance and costs of stay abroad. .

Such kind of sanctions, promoted by Venezuelan politicians and dictated by the US government, represents a flagrant violation of the human rights of the affected patients. In fact, its effects are diametrically opposed to those proclaimed under the false flag of the humanitarian aid.

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela continues making efforts for effecting the necessary resources to pay the medical treatments abroad – with no success so far – and denounces to the world the negative social effects of the imperialist policy of aggression against Venezuela and hopes that the international community acts under the Charter of the United Nations in order to neutralize the cruelty of the imperialist and inhuman decisions by Donald Trump’s Government.

Caracas, April 14th, 2019