Venezuela declares persona non grata to the Ambassador of Germany for recurrent acts of interference

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela makes public its decision to declare the Ambassador of the federal Republic of Germany, Daniel Martin Kriener, persona non grata, due to his reiterative interference in our domestic issues in open violation of the standards ruling diplomatic relations.  

Venezuela deems unacceptable for a foreign diplomat to play in our territory such a public role which is rather inherent to a political leader, in clear alignment with the conspiracy agenda of Venezuelan extreme opposition sectors.

Mr. Kriener’s actions not only defy the essential standards ruling diplomatic relations, but also are even contrary to the clear criteria expressed by the German Federal Parliament’s legal service, which has stated by public report that the German government’s position represents an “illegal interference” in domestic issues. Such position is also considered as a hostile and unfriendly action adding on other insolent actions of interference in Venezuela’s domestic issues.

Venezuela is irrevocably free and independent; therefore, positions by foreign diplomats that imply meddling in issues of exclusive competence of the Venezuelan State authorities and people shall not be accepted. Consequently, Mr. Kriener is given forty eight hours to leave the territory of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela reiterates its willingness to maintain a relation of respect and cooperation with every European government. However, instead of pro-coup and violent plans, a position of constructive equilibrium by all of them is needed to facilitate a negotiated and peaceful solution between the Venezuelan political actors.

Caracas, March 6th, 2019