Venezuela denounces before the international community coup d’etat consummated in Bolivia

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela categorically repudiates and denounces before the International Community the grotesque coup d’état perpetrated in the Plurinational State of Bolivia against its Constitutional President, Evo Morales Ayma, his government and the vast majority of the humble, noble and hard-working Bolivian people.

Throughout the three weeks since election day on Sunday, October 20th, a sophisticated operation carried out by radical racist sectors of the political opposition, private media, the U.S. embassy and the Organization of American States (OAS), has sought to take Bolivian society back to the times of dictatorships and neoliberal policies, to privatize the natural resources of the Bolivian people and submit them to the designs of the White House and transnational corporations.

The international community must not remain impassive in the face of this violation of democracy and the institutions of a country whose government has guaranteed social peace for almost fourteen years, driven by notable economic growth that resulted from the rescue of national sovereignty over natural resources, which has made it possible to guarantee the cohesion and social inclusion of its population, historically discriminated and fractured.

President Nicolas Maduro, the Bolivarian Government and the Venezuelan People join the brotherly Bolivian People in the current struggles for the defense of their sovereignty, their democracy and their right to live in peace, which is why they demand that the coup plotters sectors stop violent behaviors and the taking by force institutions, and respect the physical integrity and lives of public servants who are being harassed, including President Evo Morales and his government team, as well as the citizens who demonstrate in support of the constitutional government.

Venezuela will always accompany the people of Bolivia, land of the heroic resistance of Tupac Katari, favorite daughter of the Liberator Simon Bolivar, created and founded by the Marshal of Ayacucho, Antonio Jose de Sucre, free and independent land of our America.

Caracas, November 10th, 2019