Venezuela contributes to the return of 89 nationals from Peru

The Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela informs its people and the international community that on August 27th, 2018, 89 Venezuelans have returned to their homeland from Peru. They had crossed our borders following the false promises and lies of the centers of power and the media war against our country. The reality they faced was much different to the siren songs they were offered: they have reported being subjected to unspeakable humiliations, cruel and inhuman treatment, infamous displays of xenophobia, hate crimes, and what is worst, these expressions of inhumanity have been and continue to be promoted by power centers of the oligarchies and governments of the continent’s right wing.

This group of Venezuelan men and women contacted the authorities of our embassies to request for support and be repatriated.

In our country there are 6 million Colombian brothers, 600 thousand Ecuadorian brothers and more than 500 thousand Peruvians who we generously received as they are brothers and sisters of the Great Homeland. We offered them medical assistance, free education and all the benefits that this Bolivarian Revolution offers to all equally. They came to this Land running from war, paramilitarism, misery and hunger. Here we offered them the homeland that they had been denied in the place they were born by oligarchies, exclusion and violence. This is completely the opposite of what the compatriots requesting their repatriation report.

We hate racism and xenophobia; we repudiate the fact that Venezuelans had endured the infamous criminal action of these oligarchies that hate their own peoples.

Today Venezuela receives this group of sons and daughters so they can resume their lives with joy; they have been assisted by the People’s Power Ministry for Health and our Foreign Ministry. Now they go back to their homes to enjoy a life full of freedoms, social protection and the solidarity that characterizes our demonym and the Bolivarian Revolution.