Venezuela congratulates the people of Cuba for the 61st anniversary of the Cuban Revolution

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro Moros, on behalf of the Venezuelan People and the Bolivarian Government, congratulates the People of Cuba with renewed admiration, today marking the sixty-one year anniversary of the Cuban Revolution, mother of the Latin American revolutions, and example of dignity for the peoples of the world.

The strategic victory of January 1st, 1959, following the passage of the Granma and the heroic days of the Sierra Maestra, began the Revolution that defeated imperialism in Playa Girón and that for six decades has faced innumerable acts of sabotage and terrorism, resisting and overcoming the criminal economic and commercial blockade of the United States.

The triumph of the Cuban Revolution changed everything that needed to be changed, obtaining prodigious achievements in promoting and guaranteeing the social rights of its people, as well as commendable advances in science, culture and the arts. A Revolution that has taught the world with solidarity and internationalism nature, bringing education, health and dignity where imperialism only sows war, hunger and misery.

Guided by the legacy of Commander Fidel Castro Ruz, the Cuban Revolution receives a new triumphant, whole and sovereign year, with a new cutting-edge Constitution, product of the national debate and popular consultation, under the leadership that combines the experience of its founders and the energy of revolutionary new generations, ready to face tough challenges, always true to the historical project and the high aspirations of Socialism.

When the US empire, in its frustration and failure, attacks the Cuban Revolution and the Bolivarian Revolution in unison, the Venezuelan people reaffirm their vital commitment to brotherhood and solidarity with the People of Cuba, in the common cause of independence, unity in Our America and the fight for a fraternal and human world, as dreamed by Bolívar and Martí, Chávez and Fidel.


Ever onward to victory! We shall prevail!

Caracas, 01 January 2020.