Bolivarian Government categorically rejects the new attack by the US government against the Venezuelan oil industry

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela categorically rejects the new attack by the US Government against the Venezuelan oil industry and its economical sovereignty.

Venezuela considers unacceptable the cynical and criminal decision by Donald Trump’s administration of imposing today’s announced measures against Venezuelan ships and transportation companies, that violate International Law and economical and trade principles they claim to defend, and seek to affect oil supply to the sister Republic of Cuba.

Paradoxically, a member country of the World Trade Organization, which calls itself advocate of the liberal principles, violates the most fundamental economical and trade rights, trying to harm not only the people of Cuba and Venezuela, but also trade companies and associations which should enjoy the international legal protection.

The Bolivarian Government of Venezuela denounces the dangerous behavior of the US Government which acts once again outside the most elemental principles of law to make the people of Our America suffer. In this light, Venezuela reiterates that none imperialist action shall stop cooperation among free and independent peoples, and also warns that it shall respond through the corresponding legal means in light of the most recent pretension of Trump’s disastrous administration.


Caracas, April 5th, 2019