Venezuela qualifies as false positive alleged air incursion into Colombian territory

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela categorically rejects the press release published yesterday by the Colombian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and has no hesitation in categorizing such information on the alleged incursion of Bolivarian National Armed Force aircrafts into Colombian territory as a new false positive.

In this respect, Venezuela firmly assures that there has not been any type of air or land incursion or other violations of the sister country’s national sovereignty.

On the contrary, the Bolivarian National Armed Force and the Republic’s security bodies operate within the national territory and they are active in the Venezuelan border area, as an essential response to the need of containing the disastrous consequences by the Colombian violence and illegal drug trafficking as evils that have persistently affected Venezuela for decades, becoming a real threat towards our nation’s internal order, stability and peace.

Indeed, the Bolivarian National Armed Force have again dealt a hard blow recently finding and dismantling a camp installed by Colombian drug trafficking groups, in the border area, within the Venezuelan territory. In fact, four cocaine-hydrochloride-processing laboratories – containing products, instruments and material coming from Colombia – were destroyed.

It is certainly no coincidence that such false accusation by Colombian authorities are made at the precise moment when the Bolivarian Government, in its sovereign exercise, is applying the Economic Recovery, Growth and Prosperity Program which represents a lethal threat against the interests of both fuel, basic products, drugs and weapons trafficking smuggling Colombian mafias and structures of groups conducting the attack towards the Venezuelan financial and monetary system also from the Colombian territory.

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela reiterates that it shall not cease making efforts to protect its population and expel, from its territory, the Colombian violence and drug trafficking we face every day. The Bolivarian National Armed Force vigorously and professionally complies with its duties in the border area, in strict accordance with the provisions of the National Constitution and international and national laws.